Mind Merchants applies its knowledge and experience, the latest technological advances, and a sophisticated IT platform that complies with all industry data security and confidentiality requirements to provide its innovative legal support solutions.

Mind Merchants works under strict ISO 9001:2008 standards and is continually implementing newer and more powerful data protection and confidentiality procedures.

Legal Taxi - Compliance Solution
LegalTaxi, a cloud based software offering all your compliance solutions at one place. It helps you to keep a track of all your legal and regulatory obligations by providing you a customized list of obligations applicable to your area of business. Know more..

E-Wrapper, an innovative in-house tool developed by Mind Merchants is used for gaining efficiency in Contract Abstraction; It has been implemented and is being used by the abstraction team on a daily basis. With this tool, the desired terms and conditions in a contract automatically get transferred to a pre defined-format efficiently and effectively. A single contract can be divided into parts, allocated to various resources and collated as a single document. At Mind Merchants, it has diminished the manual effort and hence the scope of error has decreased considerably. Moreover, E-Wrapper can be used for simplifying the process of uploading the abstracted information to a contract management software or database by removing junk characters and facilitating formatting. With this innovative tool Mind Merchants has managed to gain unprecedented efficiency in the rather time consuming process hence bringing the cost down for the clients.

Mind Merchants provides a vast range of Intellectual solutions in order to help its Clients overcome the managerial and execution related issues faced by their Legal departments ranging from Contract management, review, red-lining, contract repository/library creation and abstraction to Litigation management and regulatory complaints handling. Mind Merchant renders to its customers with services related to Contract Vetting and Review through its in-house developed tools. Contracts are run through the tools and reviewed on the basis of a ‘Contract Request Form’, provided by the Customer containing the information related to its incorporation and other necessary information.

Contracts Repository Management Solution
CRMS is an in-house developed tool. In the core functionalities, the application maintains repository of a contracts with respect to key field metadata and provides alerts on relative obligations. It also provides a wide range of key word search term for review specific range of data. In the reporting part client can view and analyze contracts. The solution provides the Legal department with an ease of visibility in its Contract Repository.

Fasttrack is an in-house Compliant Management System developed by Mind Merchants solely to manage and administer the complaints raised by the Customers of its Client with the Regulatory authorities in India. The basic features include creating complaint repository, maintain history of complaint including authorization and approval, broad search term range and generating reports.
This tool provides the user with a visibility into the complaint database and historical records of the customer within a flash of a second. Through the tool client is would be able to track the status of a complaint and generate a analytical report which can be produced before the regulatory authorities to substantiate the effective management and resolution of the customer grievances raised against the Client. Know more..

Lit-Management is an invaluable tool for Corporate Legal Departments and Law Firms that has features to create, manage and monitor litigation process. It helps in monitoring, managing and tracking capabilities for plethora of litigations cases. Lit Management provides other basic features such as tracking multiple court orders, legal notices, document management, time tracking, and provide reports as per client’s key terms.

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