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MindLaw Training, one of the only classroom-based training programs available to lawyers in India. MindLaw's Training Program was designed to consistently provide well-qualified, formally trained attorneys to meet the increasing need for low cost legal services offered by the booming Indian industry. It quickly became one of the best known classroom training programs in India and now functions as Mind Merchants' full-time knowledge partner and corporate affiliate. Through MindLaw Training, Mind Merchants’ attorneys develop experience reviewing documents, creating privilege logs, and summarizing depositions before they begin any client work.

Mind Merchants' pure-play legal solutions business developed as the founders realized that MindLaw was only the first step towards advancing the industry and meeting their goals. The next link became apparent, a way to ensure effective and efficient delivery of those high quality services to meet the increasing demand. The founders applied the same principles in developing both MindLaw Training and Mind Merchants, and today both companies operate based on a culture infused with ethics of hard work, discipline, commitment, and dedication to quality.

Through MindLaw Training, Mind Merchants has enhanced access to a large number of the most highly qualified and well-trained lawyers in India, graduates of some of the most prestigious Indian law schools, and to the staff all of its projects. At a time, Mind Merchants has a vast database of highly trained professionals that can address any sudden increase in the volume of work or other legal solution scaling requirements.

Through MindLaw Training, Mind Merchants has become known for its subject matter expertise, as well as its continual in-house training, and is flexible enough to complete projects of any size and complexity in order to create value and save clients' precious time and money.


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