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Complex business ecosystems, globalizing markets, and amplified regulatory scrutiny has made the need for proactive, innovative governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategies to be one of the topmost priority for most businesses. To help clients seize competitive opportunities and meet stakeholder expectations, Gurgaon headquartered Mind Merchants is a technology enabled legal services & consulting company, catering to the legal departments of companies worldwide. It has, over the period of the last 9 years, added numerous components to their core deliverable capabilities. The three key verticals, Contracts, Compliance and Litigation support, jointly cater to all of the corporate legal department’s functions. The strategic positioning of the company is to provide end to end solutions, ranging from initial need identification, evaluation and selection of the right solution with implementation and adoption of the services and software. The company works closely with global leaders from the technology and consulting world with a primary focus to deliver one window solutions encompassing process improvement, efficiencies and technological transformations.

Mind Merchants is a pioneer in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with an established Center of Excellence for GRC consulting. The company’s seasoned practitioners provide strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges across the enterprise. Powered by its rich experience, Mind Merchants has developed a GRC solution portfolio that bridges Subject Matter Expertise with technology. The company’s experience in across various industry verticals coupled with deep domain knowledge has allowed sculpting exceptional solution capabilities that in turn has helped customers reduce exposure and improve governance while proactively managing compliance and leveraging GRC automation platforms.

Joining Ends of the Regulatory Framework
More than 80 percent of Chief Legal Officers see compliance, ethics, and regulatory risks as today’s leading business challenges, this is up 30 percent from previous years. An in-house lawyer looking into a plethora of legal affairs can either attend to internal factors impacting the company’s compliance or to the external elements affecting the company’s legal entities. This often leads the company to welcome outside teams with core competence in legal advisory to guide through compliance issues. Working deeply, Mind Merchants strikes the right balance between legal services/consulting and technology implementations. The company brings to the table an entire regulatory framework within which an organization operates without restricting it to the jurisdiction of the headquartered country or the HR laws, labor laws and secretarial laws. “We have built our deliverable capabilities in such a way that we address all areas of law, across all the jurisdictions on the globe”, says Dilpreet Singh Sidhu, CEO. Mind Merchants has been working in close associations with 50 renowned global law firms who validate and update the information about compliances in their jurisdiction. In International Compliance foray, Mind Merchants partners with BIG 4 and has serviced most of the globally present ITES majors in India.

Litigation Consulting Done Right

The company’s seasoned practitioners provide strategic insights and advisory services to tackle risk and compliance challenges across the enterprise

Mind Merchants has been working for corporate legal departments in three primary operations- litigations, compliance and contracts. Besides proceeding to the court, Mind Merchants practices almost everything as part of their core capabilities. Starting from the services through the technology to the implementation of the technology and training customer, the company eliminates any option to consult a third party vendor. The company proved its consulting genius when a client from the aviation industry was bombarded with consumer complaints claiming the amount for ticket prices or lost baggage in three folds. Mind Merchants’ advice to not follow the usual code of settlement with the customers and instead spend the same amount in litigation helped the company to remarkably reduce the number of complaints filed in a period of 8-9 months. Working further to reduce organizations’ litigation dilemma, Mind Merchants offers litigation management software that differentiates itself by availing a dashboard to not just the client but also to the lawyers working for the client. This software nurtures communication within the organization and with the individuals working on the respective litigation.

For litigants the company also provides onshore, offshore, and dual shore options with globallyintegrated resources supporting complex matters and foreign language requirements. Moreover, highly-qualified and extensively trained Indian attorneys work under the supervision and guidance of experienced U.S. attorneys. Additionally, Mind Merchants has a robust mechanism where all the obligation registers are updated periodically to keep the database current.

In the initial years, Mind Merchants started off with training people for other companies and while doing so, gained extensive knowledge, reputation and access to good talent. This triggered a transformation of the company into a pure play legal services and Technology firm as opposed to a trainer or a provider. Now, Mind Merchants has been working actively to build sophisticated IT platforms that comply with all industry data security and confidentiality requirements to provide its legal support solutions and looks set for more awards and accolades in the near future.

Source: CIO Review Magazine


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