In a highly complex and competitive marketplace, stronger performance from your contract management teams can help you realize better business outcomes. Even as workloads increase and staff budgets reduce, your teams are expected to close contract negotiations faster and manage risks more effectively.

To help you achieve your goals, we at Mind Merchants offer you best consulting services so that your team operates more efficiently, in addition to playing a more strategic role in your enterprise’s business.

Mind Merchants offers its clients robust, state-of-the-art technology supported “out of the box” Contract Lifecycle Management System and Consulting services to provide Database maintenance, Contract Review and Redlining, Contract Abstraction, Template Creation and Revision, Negotiation and Approval services, Data Migration services etc.

Our Services Includes:

Mind Merchants’ legal solutions teams assist at every stage in the Contract Lifecycle Management and make repeatable, administrative work create value for the business, rather than detract from it. Some of the services Mind Merchants performs include:

a. Contract drafting, negotiation, execution of contract:

  • Draft, red-line, and negotiate simple, complex, high volume agreements.
  • Create and maintain standard template agreements and clause libraries.
  • Prepare and distribute all necessary documentation for in-house approval and ensure contract execution.

b. Contract Abstraction:
Steps involved in our contract abstraction services are as follows:

  1. Pre-Abstraction Services
    • Scanning the bulk of documents to find existing and expired contracts
    • Finding the linkage of documents
    • Report and assist in finding the missing parent or child documents, corrupt and duplicate documents
  2. Abstraction
    • Reviewing of documents
    • Extraction of key contractual terms and presenting it in uncomplicated and easy to comprehend language
    • Identifying the Financial, Legal, Operational and other obligations
    • Extracting Statutory and Regulatory obligation
    • Extracting information regarding Internal Policies
    • Extraction and/or summarization of key terms, or specific rights and obligations
    • Segregation of obligations of various departments, if required
  3. Post Abstraction Service
    • Delivering the Obligation Matrix in the desired format
    • Database Management

c. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) System Support Services

  • Assistance in migration of legacy contracts
  • Creation of templates for uploading contracts
  • Uploading of accounts to contract management system
  • Contract Administration by way of creating work flows for uploaded contracts

d. Merger and acquisition (M&A) due diligence

  • Assess value and risk with abstraction of key terms.
  • Administer integration of incoming contracts with systems, processes, and standards.
  • Conduct analyses for renegotiation

Mind Merchants ensures that all of its solutions are up-to-date, industry specific, and tailored to best optimize unique Contract databases, business processes, and organizational requirements, while also supporting regulatory needs and best practices for long-term value and quick return on investment. They are ideal for any industry, as well as organizations of all sizes and complexities.

Mind Merchants’ solutions also operate in multiple languages with robust localization capabilities to flexibly address diverse multi-lingual and other formatting needs. They easily satisfy the needs of any business. Overall, Mind Merchants’ support solutions automate, streamline, and simplify Contract Lifecycle Management and related support processes for increased efficiency, reduced costs, and better margins


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